Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dear Jera, part 2

Dear Jera,

Well it's been just about a year since we last saw you. I can't believe it's been that long. I still think about you and miss you so much!

We've been camping three times already this summer, Jera. We missed you especially on those trips. To me, you and camping just went together! You would have loved it though. We have been hiking each time, and we have seen some pretty spectacular sights. I can imagine you now, wagging your tail and grinning at the thought of another hike.

We also discovered about 5 miles of trail nearby, and we try to go every weekend. We wish you were able to be with us when we do that! Even though it's close to the city, it's along a peaceful river and under good tree cover so it's nice and cool. I see other puppies along with their owners, and wish you were there too.

I want you to know we haven't forgotten you. I wish you were still with us right now! I don't ever expect to know what happened to you or to ever see you again, but if it happens I will be thrilled. I hope wherever you are, that you are flourishing and being loved and taken care of. That's what you deserve, sweet Jera.

Your mommy,

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