Monday, April 27, 2009


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And here's a funny recent video of kitty vs. roomba

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea lions

My parents are currently touring the Northwest U.S. as my dad is out there on sales jobs business, and they are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. My mom has been sending us pictures of the sights and scenes they've been enjoying, and I thought I'd share this picture. It makes me smile. :-)

She wrote:
"The day after I got here we walked out behind the hotel and saw some lazy sea lions lolling in the sun. Every once in awhile one of them would roll over and bark, but mostly they just laid there and slept. This picture shows only a fraction of the sea lions that were in this harbor."

She told me on the phone this morning that they would roll over, make their sea-liony noises ("ark, ark, ark") and then roll back to their lazy position. Hehe

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning wake-up calls: 3:30am

Yep they're at it again!

Lewis has gone back to his habit of waking us up starting at 3:30am for his breakfast. He gets fed at 5am, so his internal clock is quite off. It's getting really frustrating, especially when sleep is so precious to me these days!

I am considering doing something that would really make me sad, but it might be our only option: closing our bedroom door and not letting the kitties sleep with us. I actually love it when they sleep with us. I love their cute sleeping bodies curled up at my feet. I do NOT love being woken up every 5-10 minutes from 3:30am until 5:00am.

Currently the bedroom door is broken and does not close, so we'd have to get that fixed first. But, it might be something we have to do.

I have been wrestling with the feeding thing for quite a while. I switched their food when we moved to this current location, because I found a local pet food store. They seemed to like it at first, but then they started leaving about half in their bowls. Meanwhile, they seem starving between mealtimes. Their bodies feel solid, so I'm not worried about them starving to death; I just don't want to be bugged if they're not going to eat the food I give them! (How cat-like!)

So I switched to a different "flavor", same brand. They don't seem to like it any better and I personally dislike the smell of the new flavor, so I'm going back.

After talking to the guy at the pet food store, I decided to start supplementing wet food in the evenings. We decided to give them 1/4 can of wet food and about half the dry food that we've been feeding them. They say that picky cats usually love wet food, and it's a great way to make sure they are getting the moisture they need. Apparently, cats aren't as apt to drink water as dogs, so often cats who are on all-kibble diets have trouble with dehydration. So we'll see if this mixture of wet and dry does the trick. So far, they seem to be eating everything so that's good!

We also got some samples of another brand of dry food, in case that's the problem. I gave them both one evening to see which they ate, but they ate both types the same amount. :-) So I don't know if I'll switch or not. I hate switching their food all the time, but I'd really love to have them stop bugging me! And of course I get tired of picking up leftover kibble from the ground because when they're done they like to play with it. :-) We still have several more samples, so I think I'll try my half/half experiment again and see what they do.

My husband wonders if the cats like variety. They say that cats don't like variety and prefer that their owners NOT change the brand of cat food, but who knows. Maybe my cats are secretly taking Nuphedra without me knowing it. ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cat goes on a crime spree

Here's an entertaining video of Jack, the clothes-stealing cat, from Idaho: