Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adventures in Orlando

The kitties really love visiting Orlando!

They have been spending a lot of time on the big porch. They can see all sorts of animals from the porch - geckos, birds, squirrels, ducks, bugs, etc. They certainly love "hunting" and following their natural instincts! :-)

The cats have already brought two geckos inside.

Lewis was chasing a gecko on the porch, and the gecko ran up the screen. Lewis followed. :-)

The second night we were here, Lewis got shut into my parents' room for the night. I noticed he was gone and was really worried. I figured out the last time I'd seen Lewis was right before my parents went to bed, so I went to bed telling myself that he was probably just in their room and not lost outside somewhere! You can imagine my relief the next morning when my parents woke up, let Lewis out, and he came to remind me that it was breakfast time.

Believe it or not, he was closed in their room again last night too. Sneaky cat! We think he's hiding in the closet, among the clothes and Christian Louboutin shoes. We'll have to do a better job of checking tonight.

Visiting Orlando

I'm typing this from Orlando, where we're visiting my parents for Thanksgiving! It's the baby's first Thanksgiving, so her grandparents are excited that we came. I have always brought the cats with me when coming to my parents house, and this time was no different. It was the first time we traveled in the car with me, my husband, the baby, and Lewis and Ebony.

It was funny - the cats kept climbing into the carseat to look out the window. The baby didn't seem to notice at all, but I chased them out anyway. I thought it was funny.

Lewis and Ebony drove me nuts in the car. My husband said they weren't acting any different than normal, so I wonder if I am just short of patience with them. My parents offered me their dog's old crate for us to contain the cats when going back to Atlanta after Thanksgiving.

I normally let the cats have free run in the car, but after writing this post last May, I began to wonder if that's the wisest choice. I don't want them to cause an accident and then having to rely on things like social security disability. We'll have to talk about it more before we leave.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lewis and Ebony

Some recent pictures of Lewis and Ebony.

Me and Lewis

Popular lap

Kitties on the window sill

Ebony's new seat

Happy puppies

Someone sent me this video yesterday and I couldn't help but smile.

The caption:
"My Dogs greeting me after returning from 14 months in Iraq"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Animal control

So more on the dogs next door...

They bark. A lot. (Or, rather, one of them barks.)

I actually feel bad for them. They're in their little deck all day; I never see anyone out there with them. I see them out there all the time, rain or shine, cold or hot. They really deserve better than they're getting.

I decided to call animal services yesterday using my unlocked phone (our county has anti-tethering laws, and the husky is chained up).

Basically, they told me off. They said that as long as the owner himself wasn't abusing them, there wasn't anything they could do.

I told them about the dogs fighting, about the husky bleeding, about how the husky was tied up and the pit bull wasn't. Animal Control told me that dogs fight - that's just what they do.

I was disappointed. Now what?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bay window

Ebony and Lewis

One of my favorite features of our new house is the bay window in the front room. It looks out to the street, and there are lots of birds and squirrels who enjoy our front yard.

I'd like to get a bird feeder and a bird bath for the front yard. Not so much for the birds, but rather for the kitties to be able to watch the birds. I'm mean. :-)

As you can see from the picture, there is a good sized window sill where they can relax. I put a pillow there for their sake, although it's really only big enough for one cat. I've debated about getting a second pillow or perhaps making one that will cover the entire space. (It's trapezoidal in shape.) The afternoon sun streams in and the kitties sprawl out there, soaking in the rays. They almost always are there in the window when we return home after being gone. Usually, we can see Lewis because of his white fur, but only Ebony's eyes if we're looking.

Right now, we have some pie pumpkins sitting in the window waiting to be made into pies. Seeing Ebony laying next to the pumpkins just seems appropriate - I love the contrast in colors, and how fall-ish!

I think Lewis and Ebony consider themselves in kitty heaven with this window. No amount of loose diamonds could make them give it up! Hey, it's the least I could do, right?

Approaching holidays

Now that it's November and the weather has turned chilly, I have been getting exciting about the upcoming holidays! It will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with a child, and I think kids always add a new, fun element to holidays.

I was thinking this year we would do christmas photo cards to show off our baby and perhaps our new house. I am trying to line up a photographer to take the pictures, and this morning my husband and I were discussing what might be a good backdrop.

The thought crossed my mind that in previous years, we have always attempted Christmas pictures with Lewis and Ebony. We are usually unsuccessful at getting them to cooperate, so we've never actually sent out cards. I wondered if we should try and get a family picture this year with the cats. If I could figure out how to get them to sit on our laps then I might try it... but as it is, they usually are more interested in escaping. Oh well.