Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now a word from Ebony

EbonyI didn't want Lewis to be the only voice on this blog so I thought I'd take a stab. I'm curled up right now in my human's lap, making sure what is being typed matches my dictation. I have to tell you a secret. A few weeks ago, I was finally able to get out of my collar! Finally, freedom! I know my human tells me that the identification tag on my collar will help me get home if I get lost, but I'm not worried. I'm very good when it comes to direction and I'm sure I'd be able to find my way back. The best part is that I managed to hide it in a place where my humans haven't discovered it yet! They are still stumped about its location. I saw them checking under the bed the other night, and I just sat there with a knowing smile on my face. If all goes as planned, my neck shall remain free forever.

In the meantime, I spot some squirrels through the window and I must go investigate. Catch ya later, chicas!

—posted by your guest transcriber,wine refrigerator

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