Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have two more posts to write tonight! And then when I get back, I have to write 5 posts by Wednesday. :-/ I'm getting a little burnt out here so bear with me. I may have to resort to posting more cat poems. :-)

Yesterday I read a hilarious story in the news:
Woman Held Cat For Ransom After Losing Dog

So what do you do if Animal Control picks up your dog and lets someone else adopt it? Well, you kidnap that family's cat of course! (Wasn't that obvious?) An excerpt:

The dog was picked up by Animal Care and Control and held for five days before being adopted by Jutta Hollar and her husband.

Hollar told WPBF News 25 that they had the pup -- now named "Buddy" -- about two weeks when they received word that Urioste had stopped by Animal Care and Control looking for him.

Hollar said that she and her husband were considering returning the dog until they met with Urioste to discuss the situation.

"But she was very rude and yelled at us and treated us really not very nice," Hollar told WPBF.

She said that they decided that Buddy was staying put when Urioste threatened to sue them.

A few days after the confrontation, Hollar realized that the family's cat, Mitz, was gone from her usual outside spot. Hollar began to wonder where the cat could have gone when she received a phone call from Urioste.

"I was the used-to-be-owner, but I was wondering if you were missing a gray pussy cat. Because a pussy cat ran out in front of my car not far from your house and I saved its life. I almost ran him over. So, I was just wondering how you are enjoying Scooby, because I am enjoying your pussy cat while he is in his crate. You call it crate, I call it a cage. Have a nice day," Urioste is heard saying on a answering machine tape.

Greenacres police said that Urioste admitted to them that she had the cat and refused to give it back unless the Hollars gave her dog back.

My favorite part is "You call it crate, I call it a cage. Have a nice day." Heheh It takes all kinds, doesn't it?!

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