Friday, July 11, 2008

Now a word from Lewis...

DSC_3047Good evening all my fellow readers. It is I, Lewis, well kind human is transcribing for me this evening as I dictate from the top of couch. Tonight I want to talk about what moves you. What is your motivation in life? Could it be the little piece of string dangling annoyingly in your face? the intoxicating aroma of that wonder drug catnip? Or is it the same motivation as me: food. Yummy, delicious, food brought down from the sky and plopped on my plate at about the same time twice a day. Some people say you have to go out and get what you want...I say you have to annoy the ones who have the power until they give in. My favorite strategy is to lay right next to my human's head flicking my tail right in front of their noise. Well must go for now I think it might be time to eat again.

—posted by your guest transcriber, acne treatment

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