Monday, June 30, 2008

Mean kitty

When I was in high school, I had two adorable Siamese cats. They were litter mates and the best of friends. They played together, slept together, licked each other, and were overall just adorable. Most of the pictures I have of them are of the two of them and not one or the other.

Since then I have been a strong advocate in the benefits of having two cats! I don't think I'd ever purposefully go back to one cat. So, when I finally graduated from college and was able to get some cats again, I decided to get two. And thus entered Lewis and Ebony. They are litter mates, but NOT the best of friends.

Lewis is the sweetest, most cuddly cat - with humans. With his sister, though, he's a little bully. They never, ever play together. He's more interested in chasing her and we often hear hissing. Perhaps they are playing together, but not in the same way that Koko and Yum Yum played.

One thing that Lewis does: a lot of times, when Ebony is laying somewhere asleep (for example, on the bed), Lewis will jump up and start attacking her until she gets up and leaves. He then curls in her spot. Sometimes he doesn't do the last part - it's like he just wants her to be displaced. So basically, he's a brother!

I don't like how he treats her, but I'm not sure how to "fix" it. I usually leave them alone because I want Ebony to learn to fight back, but she never fights back. I don't know if I should interfere or not. Sigh.

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