Monday, June 30, 2008

Hang ten, doggy!

What do you do when you love to surf, and you also love your dog? Why take your pooch surfing with you!

I didn't know dogs could surf, but apparently this Saturday they proved me wrong. It was the 3rd annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. Looks like everyone had a good time - about 60 dogs participated. There was even a heat/race (whatever you call it) with dogs and their owners on the same board at the same time! Now that's impressive.

According to the website, "All proceeds are being donated by Loews Coronado Bay Resort to its Good Neighbor Partner, Modest Needs Foundation, an inspirational organization that aims to prevent poverty before it begins."

I've never taken a dog to the ocean, but we did take Jera up to the Indiana Dunes last summer. I was really excited to run with her on the beach, play in the waves, etc. But, she had other ideas. She was a little scared of the water, and was just content to sit on the sand and enjoy people watching. Oh well!

Jera watching the waves

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