Sunday, June 29, 2008

Puppy mill rescue

I read this cool article tonight:

150 puppy mill survivors coming to Atlanta for adoption

I have talked about puppy mills a little bit before, and how bad they are for the animals. An excerpt from the article:
Video on the national organization's Web site showed dogs packed as many as 20 each into dog crates, or running loose throughout the building.

"There was a great deal of suffering," Haisley said. "Starvation. Dead animals. Animals that were shot. Bullets in the animals. Animals living in tiny cages on top of their own feces, and burns on their skin from urine and feces."

Puppy mills typically produce puppies at an industrial pace, linking mother and father together to breed in an endless cycle, eschewing humane care for the animals.

The Atlanta Humane Society is getting ready for all the puppies, making sure they are healthy enough to be adopted, and that they have good temperaments. So if you're in the Atlanta area and are looking for a puppy, definitely check out the Atlanta Humane Society!

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