Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feline facts

A few days ago, I got a book called "Cat-a-Logue: A Curiosity of Feline Facts" by Deborah Robertson. It is a fun little book, and I look forward to reading the rest of the book. In the meantime, here are some things I read that you might not have known:

Cats can see in very little light, but not complete darkness. They have reflective tissue at the back of their eyes to increase the amount of light reaching the retina. This helps it see, and it also makes the cat's eyes "glow" when light is flashed on them.

Cats can hear 5 times better than humans, and even better than dogs - though dogs can detect a greater range of pitch than cats. Cats can hear high-pitched sounds better than dogs (like, say, a squeak of a mouse). They can also hear the ultrasonic sounds that precede a noisy event which can result in them "forecasting" an event like an earthquake.

Cats have a fully developed sense of smell at birth, and a newborn kitten can tell its mother's nipple from another cats' by the scent. Cats have a better sense of smell than humans, but not better than dogs.

All of the adult cat's 30 teeth are designed to shred meat. The large "fangs" are used to break the necks of their prey. Cats chop their food instead of chewing it.

I'll try to post other cat tidbits as I come across them. I think they're interesting!

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