Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dog saves boy

I love animals-rescuing-humans stories. :-) Here is one I saw today:

Dog Plucks Boy From Platte - KETV Omaha

An excerpt from the story:
A Labrador retriever lived up to its name Friday when he plucked his 12-year-old owner out of the Platte River, near North Bend...

"I was saying, 'Help, help,' and I saw him jump in, and then my head went under, and when I came up, he was right here by me," Tony said.

Tony said the dog swam out next to him and he grabbed the dog's neck. The dog swam back to shore with the boy in tow.

"It's something that I wouldn't have expected him to do -- to have the brains to do, I guess," said Tony's mother, Diane.

Diane Bailey said Jake isn't usually the smartest dog.

And the story even ended good for Jake the lab:
Jake got a very big bone for efforts and was forgiven for every hole he dug and all the mud he tracked into the house, the Baileys said.

See? Having animals is good for your health!

This post brought to you by a Swiss Army knife.

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