Friday, January 11, 2008

Reevlauting purposes

When I first started this blog, I wanted a place I could post cute pictures and talk about my pets without cluttering up my main blog. Then when I started doing sponsored links in posts and putting ads on my sidebar, I began to take this blog more seriously. I'd love to get more readership on this blog - it seems that right now I only have a couple of readers; most of the comments I get are spam! :-) But that's okay. I don't comment on a lot of blogs I read. I know I need to give people a reason to comment other than "Aww I think that picture is cute too."

The problem is, I still only post cute pictures of animals or news articles I read about animals. I don't intend to stop that, but if I want this blog to be taken more seriously then I need to post things that are more relevant to pet owners.

So I want to know from people who actually read this: what would you like to see? More practical tips? More posts about controversial subjects (like the pit bulls)? Would you prefer to see more cat stuff or more dog stuff, or more other animals? Or do you like the current mix? Do you like the articles? The cute pictures? Part of the problem is that the latter is the easiest to pump out without thinking. Do you have questions that you'd like to hear answered? (Like the whole "cats and Christmas trees" debate we had.) I'd appreciate any input you have for me in this area!

I have a few posts up my sleeve; hopefully it won't be too long before they get written! :-)
* My opinion about declawing cats
* Pet stores vs. the pound
* What to do with that wild and crazy maniac of a kitten you suddenly ended up with
* What to do when the bell of a wedding rings, and suddenly there's two of you and kitty has to share!
* Indoor vs. outdoor cats
* Any other ideas?


the nutty one said...

I think there all good Ideas I would read them

Lindsey said...

As a new cat owner, I am devouring all your kitten information, LOL! They just turned 6 months old, and everyday it is something new!