Monday, January 14, 2008

A dog's life

I read a great article today entitled "A dog's life". In Austria, one of the movie theaters started a "Doggie Day", where you can bring your dog along to see a movie. (This reminded me of a "Doggie Day" at our local baseball stadium.)

An exceprt:
"For €6 ($8,8) per biped and accompanying quadruped, special cuddle seats are available to the Viennese moviegoers and their best friend, complete with fresh water and dog popcorn for the four-pawed audience...

"The Admiral management also asked pet owners not to forget leashes and muzzles and only bring dogs who 'liked the cinema and are friendly and agreeable companions'.

The same applied to humans, the cinema said."

This makes me laugh, though I must admit I've never felt a desire to take my dog to see a movie, complete with popcorn from a popcorn machine.

What kinds of movies do you think a dog would be interested in?

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