Friday, January 25, 2008

I got to play with kitties

I got to play with kitties a few days ago.

We had a few things hanging around our house leftover from Zoey. We were unable to sell them, so we contacted our local animal shelter to see if we could donate the items. They said yes, so earlier this week we took a trip to drop them off. While we were there, we passed by the cat room and they let us go in and play with the cats! The cats were SOO friendly - they all came up to us and wanted pet or to play. I was quite impressed with the cat room - it was warm and inviting, cage-free with lots of interesting things for kitties to play with. Also it had a ledge all around the top of the wall for those height-loving kitties to explore!

Joanna sent me the link to this blog post. The whole post made me smile. The author wrote:
On December 1st, I visited the shelter and adopted the three adult cats who had been there the longest--because really, three cats is only one more than two.

I must admit I'm secretly jealous that she is able to get three cats! Oh well. I am so grateful that I have at least two. :-) I was reading about one of the cats at the shelter. This one caught my eye, named Justine. They wrote:
We think she’s adorable with her crushes on big male cats and her love of treats. She comes around to be petted and she talks, too! She has a tiny little voice that speaks volumes about her gentle nature and need for a loving home. If you have an easy-going male cat (preferably large and really good-looking), Justine just might want to meet him.

Now you have to help me convince my husband that Lewis is just the cat that Justine needs to befriend, and that we should take her home! :-) (His response, by the way, is that he needs to be careful with me or I'll adopt all the cats at the shelter. Then I'll become the crazy cat lady and need drug treatment or something. I think if you're going to be obsessed with something, then helping animals is not a bad thing to be obsessed with!)

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