Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cats in bed

My cats have always slept with me in my bed. When they were kittens, that was a bit more annoying than it is now. Ebony loved to purr and knead her claws on my chest. I would wake up and she would just be sitting there right by my face, eyes squeezed shut, and purring like a mac truck. And ouch! Those little claws were like pins on my skin! I used to hide under the covers to avoid her!

Speaking of hiding under the covers, I do the same thing with Lewis. He usually starts meowing for breakfast about an hour before it's time to get up. He likes to rub his head on my face, meowing, and walking all over me. So far my efforts to stop this prove futile. I usually resort to knocking him off the bed, or pulling the blankets over my face so he can't get to me. No, Lewis, no matter how hard you meow you are not getting breakfast earlier. (You'd think after three years of consistent feeding times he would have this figured out.)

For the first few months that I had my cats, I was working a job where I routinely got home between 1am and 4am. One morning, the cats decided to hold the Indy 500 in my bedroom. I woke up around 6:30 (2 hours after I had gone to bed!) with them racing wildly around my mattress. I tried to kick them out, but my method in my sleepy state was to stand at my bedroom door and say "Out! Out!". Yeah, anyone who’s had cats will tell you that won’t work. Heheh

It got better once I got a regular 8-5 weekday job and moved to Atlanta. Part of my nightly routine involved me laying in bed, talking to Paul on the phone. One evening, I called out, "Lewis! Ebony!" I continued my phone conversation with Paul when Lewis came running. I glanced up to see him headed straight for my face! You really had to have been there; I screamed, scaring the poor kitty half to death. He switched directions midair and managed to land right beside my head before taking off to hide under the bed. By this point, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even tell poor confused Paul why I had screamed.

After Paul moved to Atlanta, he stayed in my apartment while I rented a room from a friend. I really, really missed sleeping with my cats at night. On a few occasions, I would stay the night at my apartment because I was too tired to drive home. On such an occasion, after making the decision to stay the night, I crawled into bed (with Paul on the couch, of course :-)). I called out loudly, "Lewis! Ebony! Kitties!" I heard that beautiful little "mrow" (that other cat owners will nod their heads in recognition), and immediately both kitties came running to join me in bed. Aw, they missed me too!

All this is to lead up to a video I found a little while ago. It's one of the few videos that I could watch over and over; it makes me laugh every time. Watch and enjoy, especially those of you who own or have owned cats (be sure to turn on your sound!):

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