Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feline patrol

I was delighted the other day when my husband forwarded me this link about feral cats being used at police stations. Check out the video on CNN here.

In Los Angeles, California, a police station was having trouble with rats. So, they signed on some new recruits - feral cats were brought in to control the problem. The rats are frightened away by the cats' presence and the scents they leave behind, and the cats are fed and taken care of by the police. The feral cats probably have been on the streets so long that they wouldn't be happy being penned up in someone's home. This way, they are being taken care of and even being useful! It seems like it's a happy ending story for both parties!

One thing I didn't know: I thought that cats were valuable at rat control because they would catch and eat the rats. However, the video said that rats dislike the scents that cats leave behind, and so stay away from area with cats for that reason. I thought that was interesting.

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