Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Printer problem

I got this via email from my mom:


Dear Geek Squad, I recently purchased an HP Printer, and when I am in the room watching it, it works perfectly. However, nearly every time I leave it unattended, the papers come out wrinkled, sometimes even shredded. If I re-start the print job and baby-sit it, there are no problems. This has been very frustrating, and I would appreciate one of your technicians coming out to fix whatever the problem is. Thank you, Dave Larson

Dave, Thank you for contacting the Geek Squad. As you know, one of our top technicians was dispatched to investigate your printer problem. His initial findings mirrored your experience, so he set up a hidden camera to document what was causing the paper disruption. Please review the attached video, and thanks again for your business. Sincerely, Mark Donaldson Geek Squad

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Joanna said...

Casey tries to attack the printer if he's in the room while we print. He'll get his front paws on the desk and inevitably knock things off left and right, and we have to hold him back and tell it's OK, the printer won't hurt him.

I think he just doesn't like appliances that make noise. He also attacks the Dustbuster, electric drill, vacuum, and rolling trashcan (only while we're noisily rolling it along our gravel driveway).

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

That's so funny! My previous cats (especially Misty, the first one) went crazy about the printer, but Lewis and Ebony don't seem to notice. Autumn used to attack the screen saver. That was really cute!

Lindsey said...

LOL! That is too funny! My cats totally freak out at the printer!