Thursday, May 8, 2008

A new toy

My husband and I are going camping this weekend, so we set up the tent in our living room to make sure we knew how to put it up (in case it is after dark when we arrive at the site). We left the tent up for a few days, mostly because who doesn't like a tent in one's living room?

My cats were SO excited about this new toy we got for them! At first they were wary, but soon they figured out that they could hop in the door and curl up on the sleeping bags. They also thought it great fun to attack each other - one in the tent and one outside it. Anytime I was laying inside it, I could be guaranteed that one of two things would happen: Lewis would join me, crawl into the sleeping bag; or that if my legs or arms brushed against the side Ebony would start attacking from outside the tent. Fearful that they would rip holes in the side, I couldn't do anything but verbally tell them to get away. And of course you know how well cats listen!

Tonight we put the tent back in its bag so we could put it in the car. I'm sure the cats will be sad to miss out on their new toy. I guess they'll just have to be content with their cube:


(I got some pictures of them in the tent, but I'm too tired tonight to get the pictures onto the computer. I'll post those later!)

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