Monday, February 4, 2008

Mutts Comics store closing

Are you a fan of Mutts Comics? If you've never heard of it, you should definitely check it out! It's about a little dog named Earl and his cat companion Mooch, and a variety of their friends. The strip also encourages adopting from shelters and going green.

I follow the strip every day at

I noticed the other day that they are having some bargain sales in the Mutts Store! Further investigation revealed:
[W]e’ve decided to give the MUTTS website a makeover! We’ll be debuting a new look shortly in cyberspace (and adding some new features and removing some old ones), and Muttscomics will continue to be the source for all things MUTTS... While we prepare the new Muttscomics we will be closing the store (please check out the bargains now available). This is your chance to grab some unique MUTTS merchandise at truly great prices! And stay tuned for the new look… YESH!

So I encourage you to go visit the Mutts store, and if you need anything, take advantage of the bargains! And of course, return to the Mutts site to see their new redesign. :-)

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Akasha said...

I am so sad the store is closed. I have been buying the Mutts Organics pjamas at Walmart for 3 or 4 years now, and am looking for more merchandise. I did find this awesome link for women's underwear that supports animal rescues.

Ryann said...

2 years after you posted this and it looks like their store is still closed; anyone know if they are re-opening it? Sad, my friend gave me some hand-me-downs and 2 t-shirts were the Mutts Recycle and No Animal Testing and wanted to buy those tshirts for my sisters. Anyone know where else I can get those tshirts?

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

According to the FAQs on the Mutts site, the store is closed permanently with the items unavailable. I'm sorry. :-( has lots of t-shirts with tons of different slogans. Or, try a Google search to see if there are any other stores where the proceeds go to help animals (like

jp said...

NOOOooooo! my cats are fightin g over the last little pink sock! must have more!