Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Four years ago...

Four years ago a very sweet litter of kitties were born. There were three boys and one girl. They grew quickly, learning to play and eat and live. At some point in their tiny lives, they were taken to an animal shelter so they could find good homes. When they were fourteen weeks old, a woman came in looking for two kitties for her daughter. When she spotted this litter of four kitties, she immediately fell in love and picked the female and one of the males.

The woman took the two kitties home to her house. There they were cuddled by four people, and excitedly told that they were a surprise gift for someone yet to come. The kittens immediately made themselves at home in their new surroundings, continuing to play with each other, eating and living.

Then the Day came. The Day when their new owner would be arriving! The two kittens were fitted with two red and green bows around their neck. They were placed on the bed, and the door of the room was closed. The kittens curled up and listened to the sounds outside. Doors opening, greetings, talking. Then footsteps. The door to the room opened. A redhead walked in, and upon spotting the kittens gasped in delight and immediately bent down to cuddle with them. And I have never looked back since. :-)

Happy 4th birthday to my darling babies, Lewis and Ebony! As a birthday present, I made an appointment to take you to a vet this weekend for your annual shots. :-) (I'm such a mean mommy!)

Lewis on the porch


Halloween costumes

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