Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mama dog protects newborn baby

I love stories of animal heroes. Which is why I post them here. :-) They give me warm fuzzy feelings and make me want to go hug my cats. Because animals are awesome!

I came across this news story about a dog in Argentina. An excerpt from the CNN article "Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say":

The temperature was a chilly 37 degrees, Salcedo said.

The dog had apparently carried the baby some 50 meters from where his mother had abandoned him to where the puppies were huddled, police said.

"She took it like a puppy and rescued it," Salcedo said. "The doctors told us if she hadn't done this, he would have died."

Isn't that sweet? The mama puppy found an abandoned baby and took him in along with her six other puppies. I wonder what she was thinking? Her motherly instinct took over?

After observing our cat gave birth to four kittens, I can appreciate the motherly instinct that mama animals have.

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