Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Tales Humane

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went up to Nashville for a wedding. The reception was held nearby a humane shelter, and I could not resist checking it out! They were closed, but I'd actually been there before when Jera ran away a year or so ago. They were extremely kind and helpful.

The place is called Happy Tales Humane, and they are located south of Nashville in Franklin, TN. If you're in that area, I would highly recommend checking it out for your next kitten or puppy! It is a no-kill shelter, and somewhat cage-free. We could see that a lot of the kittens that live there had free run of the place. It was so cute to see them playing with each other; you know I loved it!

We could only see the kitties through the glass. Here is one of the adorable kittens that came over to investigate me when I put my hand to the glass. You can see the reflection of my hand on the picture!

This white cat had been walking around earlier, but settled down for the night. He looked so cute with his little head sticking out! He even closed his eyes, just resting there with his head out. I thought it was adorable.

At one point I had 8 cats all at the glass doors watching me try to play with them. I stuck some paper under the door and coaxed them to chase it. I wish I could have pet them, but they were closed the whole time I was there. Oh well! It totally made my day just to see them there. (Look at the gray cat at the right staring through the glass. Doesn't he look cute??)

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