Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly link roundup

Toxic Cats and Dogs - Well - Tara Parker-Pope - Health - New York Times Blog
"At a time when people are fretting about toxins in baby bottles and prescription drugs in the water supply, a new report shows that our pets are teeming with chemicals as well."

The Associated Press: Bear gave off no reasons for concern before trainer's death
"The grizzly bear... seemed to obediently follow cues — which made its killing of its trainer with a bite to the neck all the more stunning."

Scientists offered $1 million to grow laboratory chicken -
"An animal rights group is offering $1 million to any scientist who can create lab-grown meat that is commercially viable and indistinguishable in taste from the real thing."

Married to the Empire: The Great Stare-Down
"Calvin and Doogie were both in the window staring down this interloping cat, when the cat decided he needed to come closer. I think he's taunting my boys."

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