Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekly link roundup

Autistic girl connects with animals -
"Sixteen-year-old has worked at an animal sanctuary since age 9... Sara believes that her 'gift with animals is because of my autism'"

'Big black dog syndrome' leaves them homeless -
"According to animal shelter officials, big, black dogs like Gozer have more trouble finding a happy home than do other dogs. Some shelters even have a name for it: 'Big black dog syndrome.'"

Build Your Own Cat Tree
"You can make your own five foot tall cat tree for a fraction of the price if you are even the tiniest bit handy with tools."

Today's Pictures: Son of Bitch
"[D]ogs are just as expressive as humans, if not more so. These photographs from across the globe chronicle his lifelong pursuit of man’s best friend—and capture a spectrum of canine lifestyles."

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