Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cats & hairballs

My cats seem to have trouble with hairballs. I used to give them special hairball food, but I switched to regular food when I started reading the ingredient labels. However, I've noticed a few hacked up hairballs on the floor since then - yuck!

My vet recommended that I get in the habit of brushing my cats. I've never brushed them before, so I had to go out and buy a soft-bristled brush. I want to say that they love it - but they don't, yet. :-) I'm sure they will in time! Brushing your cats is the best way to decrease hairballs.

If that doesn't help, then my vet recommended switching to food with the hairball-prevention formula. You can also buy a hairball paste that helps encourage them to pass. Whatever you end up doing, it's important to take care of it because it could be really dangerous to the cat to be having a lot of hairballs.

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