Friday, March 14, 2008

Life in my house

I wrote this post over at my other blog shortly after we got our first beagle, Jera. Enjoy!


Yesterday, Ebony slid down the banister. Paul and I heard some scratching, and we turned around to see Ebbie on the banister, sliding down. I don’t think she realized it was sloped when she got up there. :-)

Today after doing some laundry I left the washer open. A little while later, I looked inside and there is Ebony, investigating. She looked so cute.

Lewis came into the kitchen today. Jera saw him, and bounded over wanting to play. Lewis was frightened and in one swift motion escaped up and over the gate. This is amazing because my cats are anything but nimble. Jera stood at the gate with her tail wagging. Where did he go? I want to play!

Keeping a watchful eye

Jera at the gate

This post brought to you by bull bars

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