Monday, November 5, 2007

So I decided

The decision is made. Please don't hate me. :-(

UPDATE: I took down the Craigslist post because I think we found a good home for Zoey!! It was up for 14 hours and already I got 3 responses. I contacted one and this morning talked to him on the phone for almost half an hour. When I was done, I felt very confident that this would be a really good home for her. We are meeting them on Saturday. So, you can pray that God continues to direct us and that He will somehow stop us if this isn't a good home for Zoey! I will have more details later, after Saturday.


Jes said...

I'm sure Zoey will go to a good home. Don't feel bad no matter WHAT people say. you know the truth. and coming from someone who had a puppy and has a child- they are NOTHING alike!
I'll be praying for you in the decision of who should adopt Zoey.

Anonymous said...

I hope she will find a good home. I think you are making a wise decision.