Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cats sleep anywhere

My cat, Ebony, loves getting in things. Boxes, baskets, drawers - whatever it is, she wants inside. We had a box lid laying on the floor of our apartment for a while, and she loved to go over and crouch inside it. I should have taken a picture!

The other day I was putting away my clothes in the dresser. I had my... er, fine lingerie drawer open, and she (of course) crawls in. I left the drawer open, but she didn't come out and I needed the drawer below the open one. So, I closed the top drawer and opened the one underneath and to my surprise, there she was! I guess she had gone back and crawled down.

One book I really love is called Cats Sleep Anywhere. It's a child's picture book with beautiful illustrations of all the random places cats will curl up. I love it because I can see my cats sleeping in random places too!

So, if you're looking for a nice kids' book for someone, I highly recommend that one. :-)

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Antje said...

Although I am allergic to cats now, I really like on particular cat book. It's a children's book as well and called "Nero Corleone" from Elke Heidenreich. :-) Enjoy!