Thursday, November 29, 2007

Camping with a puppy

We had the privilege of going camping with Jera three times. I actually really enjoyed camping with her. Here are some of the things I learned:

1. Don't worry about bringing a whole lot of camping gear for the puppy. We lugged Jera's crate with us the first time, only to not use it at all. We also brought toys for her to play with, but she was more interested in pinecones and sticks. We did bring rawhides for her to chew on, her food and water bowl, and food.

2. For the food: We put each meal's serving in a little baggie. That way, I didn't have to measure anything out. I put all the baggies in a large ziploc to keep the freshness. Jera actually ate very little when we went camping. Not sure why. She was more interested in burying her food. (Just ask Joanna!)

3. Get a stake. I know people are skeptical that I'm still an advocate of the stake, since that's how Jera got away from us. However, I don't know how you could go camping without it unless there were lots of people. I'm pretty sure with just the two of us, it would be impossible for us to set up a tent while holding onto her leash. Make sure the stake is firmly planted to the ground, never leave the dog unattended, and keep an eye on the dog so he/she doesn't tangle himself.

4. Whenever someone goes to use the restroom try to take the dog with you. We found this out the first time we went camping with our family. There were seven people total. We realized that Jera needed more exercise than we were giving her, so whenever a group would head to the bathrooms (about a half a mile walk), they took the dog. She got lots of exercise this way! Of course, she wasn't allowed IN the bathrooms, so someone would have to wait outside, but all the walking was good for her.

5. Always look for ticks. We pulled ticks off Jera during every camping trip. Bring rubbing alcohol and tweezers for their removal.

6. If possible, bring an extra sleeping bag with you just in case. You never know when your puppy might walk into the tent and promptly squat on your sleeping bag. Trust me.

7. Have fun with your puppy! We certainly did. Jera did really well camping - she slept on our sleeping bags with us, she loved the outside air and the hikes. We will miss her next summer when we go camping again!

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Samantha said...

h im sorry she ran away hun!!! xx