Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sedatives for the kitties

When we went to Orlando for Thanksgiving, Ebony drove me nuts in the car. In the past, she has been fine in the car, but I think everything is different now that the baby is here. We got her a hard-sided carrier and that helped, but I wanted to try sedatives as well.

The vet gave us a prescription for a sedative just to take the edge off. On the way down to Orlando, we gave to both cats. We decided that on the way back, we would only give it to Ebony. You see, the sedative made them very relaxed... And that also made them kinda, uh, stinky, as if they were colon and body cleansers. Every so often the person who was holding Lewis had to open the window and air out the car for a few minutes.

Overall, the sedatives helped Ebony so we'll probably continue to give them to her in the future. Since she's in the crate in the backseat, the smell isn't so bad. :-)

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