Friday, February 5, 2010


I am just finding this out right now, so I apologize for the late notice! But play Freekibblekat today and they will donate five times the amount of kibble to shelter cats! Hooray!

From the website:
  • Play Meow trivia on Feb. 5, and we'll donate 5 times the kibble (5 x 10 pieces) = 50 (for each answer, right or wrong... it's easy, fun and free!)
  • Freekibblekat receives 100's of emails from shelters and rescue groups across the country needing food for their hungry cats. The Freekibblekat HI-5 event is a way to donate more kibble to those groups working so hard to feed their homeless cats a nutritious meal.
  • Halo, Purely for Pets, is generously sponsoring this event with no limit on the kibble, so tell your friends... blog it... tweet it... post it on facebook... text it... email it... yell it out... let's feed some cats!

Go here to donate some kibble! You can always find the link on the sidebar here at Two Kitties and a Puppy, so make sure you come back to play every day! So next time you're looking for online life insurance or goofing around on Facebook, be sure to pop over and feed some homeless kitties some kibble. Oh and this works for dogs too - go to

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