Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pets and holidays

I'm a little late with this... I got the following in an email that our vet sent out right before Christmas, and I thought it was a really good reminder!

What does every cat want most this holiday season? The same thing he or she probably wants most every day: YOU.

Food and treats fill a furry stomach, toys help to pass the time, a cozy bed makes naptime oh so comfy, but at the end of the day—or first thing in the morning!—those padding paws come looking for you.

This busy holiday season, make sure you give the gift of time to your cat. Toys and treats are great, but it's your love and attention that will make your feline friend's holidays the brightest while everything else is at its busiest. As we head into this hectic time of year, with all its parties, presents, and pressures, be sure to take time out on a busy day to sit on the couch and rub those well-loved ears.

And did you know that you can also give yourself a gift of time this year, too? The gift of more time with your beloved companion! You can help us to safeguard your cat's well being in order to make sure he or she lives the longest, healthiest life possible by following all the important preventive health care recommendations. We'll be communicating with you the whole year through to help keep you on top of your cat's routine health care needs, like regular veterinary visits, dental exams, parasite control, and any necessary vaccinations.

That's because we know that when everyone in the family – four footed as well as two footed—is happy and healthy, it can make every day seem like a holiday!

I was glad to get this reminder, and tried to make sure I wasn't ignoring Lewis and Ebony this Christmas (especially since much of the attention was on the new baby). They should sell textbooks with this advice!

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