Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Porch kitties


We live in an apartment on the second floor, with a nice big porch overlooking trees and other pretty greenery. Lewis and Ebony are the least-adventurous, most clumsy cats I've ever had, which does have its advantages. The main one being that they are not climbers or risk-takers. So, I can let them on the porch without worrying about them jumping off, even if they see a squirrel or a bird!

I really like fresh air so I usually open the porch door during the mornings before it gets hot. We keep our thermostat on the high side - usually around 80 - so I try to leave the door open until the A/C turns on. Fortunately, it hasn't been quite as humid this summer so most days I'm able to have the door open a few hours.

Lewis and Ebony love going out on the porch. Lewis has now learned a new trick: if he goes to the door and starts crying, I will open the door for him and he can hang out on the porch. Now that he's discovered this power, he loves to wield it. He also especially likes to use it when I'd rather the door be closed - as in, during the heat of the day when the westward sun is shining full-on. I think he just likes making me do things.

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