Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vanity, thy name is CAT

"Vanity. Thy name is CAT.
'Am I too thin or way too fat?
What about my fur? Oh, no! What's that?
Do I detect an unsightly mat?
Better go ask for a brush-and-pat...'"
- Anonymous

I first put this poem on my other blog about a year ago. It still makes me laugh. Ebony in particular is obsessed with her bathroom vanities. When I am washing my face or putting in my contacts in the mornings, she loves to jump up next to the sink and rub against me, purring. I always laugh and tell her she's a pretty little girl already, and she doesn't need anything else to add to that. That's what my mom always told me when I was little and I wanted to wear makeup like my Mommy.

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