Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Missing puppies

I was browsing the videos on CNN's site this evening, and I saw a video that made me smile. It is about a puppy named Jack who was lost, and is now found. They videotaped the owners when they announced that they had found the puppy. I love the expressions captured on camera! The owners were so excited, and that puppy was just licking them.

I'm very happy for them. I wish my story had turned out just as happy. I must say, it did cross my mind that I wished the local news had picked up the story when Jera left...

There were a few other interested videos on CNN's site, too. I won't link to them because it's hard to find the direct URL to the videos. But there was a story about a person who suddenly died, and it was discovered that they were having a secret breeding operation of rat terriers and chihuahuas. The puppies were neglected and in poor physical condition; it made me sad. :-( There was also a video of a man who had blue skin! It wasn't a fluke thing or an illness; he apparently caused it over 14 years by drinking silver or something like that. I thought that was a strange story - but I'm glad that my fears of my skin spontaneously turning blue are allayed. I was thinking it was because of cancer or mesothelioma treatment. But no, it's just in his drinking water. To each his own I guess!

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