Friday, October 19, 2007

Not left behind

So I just got home from taking the kitties to a friend's house. :-( I miss them already! We are moving this weekend, and knew it would be better to have them out of the way. They have been worried all day, seeing us packing up everything in boxes and loading up the cars. I promised them that I would be back on Sunday to pick them up.

This actually reminded me of a story I heard today. Another friend (Ann) was talking about her cat, Duchess. Ann found Duchess as a stray, and always wondered what had happened. The cat had been found wearing a cheap flea collar, and had been spayed. Their guess was that perhaps Duchess had been left behind by a family who was moving.

Ann was telling me today about the last time she moved. She had put Duchess in a carrier while they packed and loaded the house, and right before Ann locked up for the final time she decided to let Duchess out and stretch before starting the long trip. When Duchess emerged from her carrier and saw the house completely empty, the poor soul freaked out - running this way and that. Ann finally had to just put her back in her carrier and leave. She said that it must be true that Duchess was left behind, judging from the bizarre reaction. That made me sad - poor Duchess.

So, I assured Lewis and Ebony that I would be back to get them, that I would not forget them.

Tomorrow we are also going to drop Zoey off at a different friend's. It will be a relief to be able to keep the doors open, and move from one apartment to the other, without having to worry about animals. It will seem kind of weird in the evenings, though! Like I said, I already miss my babies. Sheesh, I better stop before I hunt around for an unlocked phone for me to keep in touch with them. ;-) No they aren't spoiled. ;-)

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