Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Little girls and horses

It seems that all little girls love horses. They dream of having their own horse. They read books about horses (any fans of Marguerite Henry or of "My Friend Flicka"?). They had horse dolls and horse posters.

I was in love with horses, too, when I was a little girl. My dream was that we would get a horse when we moved to Peru. (Ha! Little did I know what living in a desert was actually like. ;-)) I begged for some equestrian riding apparel, thinking I could become a great horseback rider and go on all sorts of adventures where my horse would rescue me. I even had a name picked out: Chestnut. (Of course, this would only work with a certain color horse...)

I know, it may be a shocker to everyone that I haven't always been a huge cat person! I actually didn't start loving cats until about 7th grade. Don't get me wrong, I liked cats, but before 7th grade I tried really hard to be a horse girl.

So what is it with little girls and horses? Why the appeal? Or was it just my circle of friends?

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