Wednesday, June 6, 2007

If my pets were humans...

Paul and I often talk about what our animals would be like if they were human. I think it's kinda fun, so here is what we have come up with:

Definite extrovert. Bubbly, friendly, hyper. Popular - gets along with everyone. Maybe a bit on the spacey side, but still lovable. High energy and a somewhat innocent demeanor when she does something she shouldn't. Doesn't like to be alone (hence the extrovert side) and needs people around for her own entertainment. We all love her, even if she can be a bit much sometimes!

Cool, laid-back dude. Goes with the flow with any situation. Knows what he wants and pursues until he gets it. An extrovert, but has a quiet side to him as well. He enjoys other people and is very friendly, and gets along with everyone. We think he'd be the type to date around, but we hope he wouldn't break any hearts. :-) Popular, because of his unassuming nature and ability to adapt. Loves food, maybe a little bit too much. Can be pushy with people who let him - like his sister, Ebony.

She's our quiet introvert. Loves libraries and books and studying. She's very aloof with people she's not comfortable with, and can sometimes be thought of as snobby. That's not true, however - she's just shy and closed. Once she's comfortable with you, she's very warm and friendly. She dislikes change, and would prefer to stay home than go out. She lets her big brother Lewis push her around, but generally holds her own with others. She'd rather avoid confrontation altogether, so she tends to just disappear when things start heating up.

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Mrs.B. said...

How fun! I might bring this up with my hubby one night. (o: