Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bob Barker on pets

Retiring 'Price is Right' Bob Barker Persuades California to Pass Pet Bill

Okay, I'm all for spaying and neutering animals, but passing a LAW about it seems a bit excessive, doesn't it? For one, I'm opposed to so many laws controlling every bit of our lives... And for two, I fear the long-term effects of such a bill. Perhaps I'm being extreme... But it's only going to drive up the cost of pets. Purebred pets will be more expensive because the breeders will be forced to get special licensing. Non-purebred pets will die out, forcing people who want a cat or a dog to go to a breeder. I know my parents would never have paid money for a cat when I was growing up.

Perhaps it would be better to explore other ways of controlling the pet population, rather than passing laws and slapping down fines.


Mrs.B. said...

I agree Ashley....While I'm all for spaying and neutering I don't think it should be a law!

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Ashley. I can't believe how the price of purebreds has risen now.

This goes for cats, too. Maybe in some parts of the country there are too many cats, but you can't find a litter of kittens around here at all. When we lived in VT our cats (they were basically barn cats that were nice :-))would have kittens twice a year and they were all spoken for in a matter of hours.

Why not ban selling puppies in pet shops? A lot of people who buy the cute pups in pet shops do on impulse and get rid of them later. The puppies are also not properly socialized. Lets cut back on the problem pets first.


ashley@twentysixcats said...

That is SO true about pet shops!! And pet shops encourage puppy mills (and I guess kitten mills?), which produces unhealthy dogs.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, California has a lot of farms. Farms have barn cats. Are these farmers expected to hunt down all their barn cats and have them spayed/neutered? Some farms I have been to have about 20 cats who have their own lion-like family structure. These are not abused animals, they are just not your indoor cat.

I think this is just another silly law from silly city folk.