Friday, March 16, 2007

The guests of honor

I love animals! Here are the current ones I live with:

She's sweet and a bit aloof to those she doesn't know. She likes to roll on the ground purring, but if you try to pet her then she edges just out of reach! She's beautiful and sleek, like a panther.

Lewis is the friendly brother of Ebony. He loves to eat, and even though I try my best he's become quite a fat cat. He loves people, and is friendly with anyone who will hold him. He is less afraid than his sister, and also less agile. He can be quite the cuddlebug if you give him a chance!

Jera is a 7 month old Beagle puppy. She's very bouncy - we think she's part kangaroo! She is VERY friendly, and loves to greet anyone who crosses her path. Does her tail ever stop wagging? She loves to get all the dogs to chase her at the dog park, which makes us happy because she wears herself out that way! In addition to romping at the dog park, she enjoys Greenies and chewing on shoes. She also is trying to figure out how to get the cats to play with her.

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