Friday, March 23, 2007

The difference between cats and dogs

When I first got my kitties, they had bad colds so I had to give them a little pill twice a day for several days. I hated this, because I felt like we were starting out on the wrong foot! I didn't want them to hate me right off the bat. (It was fine in the end, though. I think they like me. :-) Or they just like me to feed them, one of the two.)

I would try to push the pill down their throats, massaging it so they'd be forced to swallow. When it seemed like the deed was done, I would let them down. They would promptly go over to the living room and spit out the little white pill.

Now, for comparison, take the puppy we recently got.

She had a mild parasite when we got her. We had to give her a pill every day for a week. Remembering the ordeal with the cats, I decided to get these things called Pill Pockets. Basically, it's a treat that has an opening where you can hide a pill. Jera loved them. Every time she saw my hand reach for the Pill Pockets bag on the top of the fridge, she went beside herself with excitement. Tail wagging, jumping up and down. Oh boy! Oh boy! A treat!!

One evening I gave her the Pill Pocket with the capsule neatly disguised inside. Jera, literally quivering with excitement, munched on it happily. She was so wild with her munching that the pill fell out and hit the kitchen floor. Oops! Jera, however, know that a piece of her Delicious Treat had fallen to the ground. So she immediately gobbled the pill up without a second thought.

There, my friends, you have a difference between cats and dogs.

Oh, they make Pill Pockets for cats, too. I have my doubts as to whether the cat would indeed be tricked into eating a pill like that. I know mine wouldn't fall for it.


beth said...

You're so funny, when did you get this blog? Three blogs for one person? Over-achiever. :-D

Ashley said...

Hehe :-) Maybe THAT'S why i'm feeling stretched... ;-) Actually, unlike the other blogs, this one is going to be just for me and I really don't care if others read it. I probably will be sporadic about updating it. Also, I'm hoping to work it in with my future business... I think I told you about that.

Mrs.B. said...

LOL my cats wouldn't fall for it either.

And I feel the same way about Happy Tails as you do this blog.---It's more for me and I hope people read it but if they don't then that's ok too.

At least I know you're reading and you know I'm reading so we each have at least one reader! (o: