Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visit to the vet

A few months ago, I had to take the cats to the vet. They were due for their annual shots, and the apartment complex we were moving into required proof of vaccinations. Also, for the weekend that we moved, we boarded the cats at Petsmart's PetHotel and they also require vaccinations.

I snapped a couple of pictures with my cell phone:

Lewis was hilarious. There are two doors in the little exam room: one for the pets and their owners (that led to the main lobby), and one for the vets and vet techs, that led to the back where all the meds, equipment, etc. were. We came in the one door, and then the vet came in. She left for a few minutes, and the whole time she was gone Lewis sprawled in front of the door pawing at the bottom. As if he wanted to follow her! I guess he's more interested in her than staying with me. :-)

Ebony preferred the hiding approach when the vet was gone. She thought that perhaps if she hid behind the computer, the vet wouldn't see her and she wouldn't have to get any shots. Smart, Ebony! Too bad it didn't work. I think your eyes gave you away. :-)

I really love my vet. I've used them for years, even though they're a bit of a drive. If you're in the north Atlanta area, I highly recommend them. They're named Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs and are located off Roswell Road near I-285. I've met with each of the vets there, and I've liked them all!

One thing I like about them was how they take the time to explain things and show you things. Back when I had Zoey, I had the vet implant her with a microchip. It was really cool: they showed me how you read the microchips... they have something like barcode scanners that reads the chip and displays a number. Then you can match the unique number to the animal. The vet definitely didn't need to take the time to show me that, but I was really grateful!

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