Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the interest of disclosure

You may have noticed that I've started to write more on this blog. I have signed up for PayU2blog, which is a way that I can earn some revenue through blogging. I really wanted to leave my main blog twentysixcats genuine and free from ads or sponsored posts. I didn't necessarily mind using this blog for it, however. I set up Google ads in the sidebar, but that hasn't been very profitable as of yet.

PayU2blog seemed to meet my needs a bit better. It's similar to sponsored posts, except instead of writing a whole post on a link, I am just including the link anywhere in my regular posts. The point is for the company to get their Page Rank up, so they will show up higher in Google searches. So, I have links and certain key words (like "truck rack") hidden in each of my posts. I have made them black to match the rest of the text so you don't get confused by them and links I have included for reasons that relate to the specific posts. I will also label each post with the word "links" so you can know. If you're interested in knowing more about this, you can ask me. Joanna @ Keeping Feet is also a good resource, as she has been doing it longer than me.

Being involved in PayU2blog will force me to write more often here. I hope to include a lot of the things I've learned from having animals in the past, as well as cute stories and pictures. And - of course - information about my own animals. All the information I write here is and will continue to be genuinely mine; if I write about a product or method then it will be because I endorse it, not because I was paid to do so. (If this changes, I will let you know.)

I hope this doesn't chase away the 3 or so readers of this blog. :-) If it chases you away, please let me know. I'd love to see this blog turn into a cool resource for pet owners! If you have questions or ideas about pets in general let me know!

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